CSR activities during the year.
( For details regarding CSR detailed action plan please refer to Investors section )

1) Sickle Cell Anaemia Intervention Program @Anaikatti

2) Solar Streetlights installation in tribal villages

3) Infrastructure Development @Government ITI, Coimbatore

4) Mushroom Cultivation Promotion among Tribals in Anaikatti

5) Veterinary Vaccination & checkup camps in Tribal Villages

6) Distribution of poultry to beneficiaries in Tribal Villages at Anaikatti

7) Promoting Self Help Group (SHG) in Tribal Villages

8) Promotion of Bee Keeping among Tribals

9) Agroforestry model of tree plantation in farmlands

Annual Report on CSR Activities


Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd fosters the culture of ensuring premium quality, continuous learning, and innovation in its business, meeting the expectations of the stakeholders and the end users at large. Right from its inception, LMW has incorporated the values of trust and responsibility towards the society where it operates. As a responsible corporate entity, LMW contributes towards inclusive growth by supporting and empowering the communities and accelerating development. Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd, under its Corporate Responsibility drive, takes up various social initiatives to ensure the welfare of weaker social sections and also for the development of infrastructures in the rural areas of Coimbatore.

LMW’s CSR initiatives are conceptualized and implemented based on four main focus areas, namely, Education, Health, Infrastructure and Economic Development.

Rural development has always been a key focus area for LMW. LMW's CSR approach, with its strong focus on holistic, sustainable development principles, believes that for a positive change to become sustainable, the active participation and ownership of the community are vital. We focus on an inclusive model of sustainable development programs, ensuring that the community be themselves the change agent in the path towards progress.

Impact Assessment Study May 2024